WATCH: This New Anime Sees A Hot Guy Being Turned Into A Chair… Would You Sit On Him?

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All jokes aside, the upcoming release of anime veteran, Makoto Shinkai’s, newest film is exciting for a lot more reasons than just a hot guy.

For the unfamiliar, Makoto Shinkai is the director of fan favourite anime such as Your Name, Weathering With You and Garden of Words.

New Movie from 'Your Name.' Director Makoto Shinkai Coming in 2022 | Animation Magazine
source: Anime Magazine

He is also responsible for some of the most touching short films and ads that – in his signature style – contain heartfelt human connections and cats.

A master at vibrant visuals and fantastical storytelling, it’s no surprise that his latest film, Suzume no Tojimari (Suzume’s Locking Up) includes all the elements of his previous works while promising a few welcomed additions.

Check out the trailer below:

This upcoming film details the story of a girl, Suzume and her encounter with aforementioned hot guy, Souta who tells her that he’s looking for a “door”.

Out of curiosity, Suzume opens one of these doors and it leads to a domino-effect of more doors appearing in various derelict parts of Japan.

While it might’ve seemed innocuous at first, these doors are apparently portals that lead to disasters and the two must embark on a mission to close them.

For a twist, a menacing, death-obsessed yet adorable kitten appears and transforms Souta into a chair… Maybe the team didn’t anticipate just how horny some of us are but a hot guy being turned into a chair leaves no room for innocent thoughts.

Even in the trailer, there is a clip of Suzume leaning in to kiss a wooden yellow chair which answers the old age question: Babe, would you still love me if I were an inanimate object?

Combining elements of fantasy, love and another banger from RADWIMPS that will surely have us in tears, this film will surely be a marvel at the cinemas and we can’t wait for its release.