Angel Tang’s Intimate Life Sketches

Business developer and graphic designer Angel Tang’s illustrations are done for more of a personal sake, as she says, “My friends and followers get to see the more personal side of me and what I do there isn’t something that I monetise from.” She also doesn’t like to tie her illustration to one style as she continually evolves from the artists, films, music, and history she consumes.

Growing up on anime, her exposure to various art movements started when she was studying at The One Academy and through the UK indie art scene when she was finishing her degree there. Many of her work are drawn from her personal life, be it drawing herself in the third person or as a form of journaling. “I guess you can say that my illustrations are diary entries, and sometimes they just represent the state of mind I’m in. A photograph cannot always capture how I feel and the reality I see, so I choose to visualise it in the way I’m comfortable in, which is hand drawing it.”

Though her works are slightly autobiographical, Angel likes to allow viewers to make their own interpretation of her illustrations. Even though this is a documentation of her life thus far, she invites you to “place yourself into it too and interpret it in your own way and that is how art becomes meaningful to all.”

When she’s not fulfilling the graphic design or illustration needs of her corporate clients, Angel has plans in motion to publish a graphic novel with a writer.


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