Anders Gjennestad’s Memorie Urbane Mural in Gaeta, Italy

source: Ander Gjennestad

Move over Ernest! Because Anders Gjennestad is on fire! (Jokes, we still love you Ernest… and this guy isn’t based here). But seriously, you should check out the latest mural by Gjennestad, a Berlin-based Norwegian stencil artist.

Gjennestad, who apart from exhibiting his works in galleries, also exhibits them around the streets where he goes by the alias Strøk. The man uses his own photographs as a point of departure, where his hand cut multi-layered stencils allow for a photo-realistic imagery, with depth and detail that will simply blow your mind. He plays with the space as his depiction of his subjects heavily relies on the choice of material they’re painted on as well as placement of his work.

This most recent work, part of Italy’s Memorie Urbane street art festival, is painted on an elementary school in Italy, check it out below:

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