And the Ultimate 212 VIP Is…

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After a long while since we first posted the Ultimate 212 VIP contest we’ve finally got ourselves a worthy VIP! Days of wading through hundreds of pictures – some meme-worthy, some with genuine VIP swag – and a lengthy deliberation see us deciding on the machismo of one cat who would make Barney Stinson proud.

Without further adieu, the Ultimate 212 VIP is… Cue drum roll…


"Drink in one hand, girl in the other, truly like a VIP"

Timothy Jurem will receive the following;

– VIP Club Access to Mist/Milk, The View and Vertigo (no queuing up, 1 reserved table, 1 bottle on the house) with 1 week prior notification to respective clubs from 25th Nov – 20th Jan 2012.
VIP Invites to JUICE, Hanger, Mint and Clive parties/launches.
Carolina Herrera fragrance prizes provided by Carolina Herrera worth RM455 and above.

Not so ultimate but just as VIP are the 3 runner-ups – Shufaiza Noorain Zainalbidin, Khairul Izwan Nan and Tan Chiao Yieng – all of whom will be receiving Carolina Herrera fragrances worth RM455 (212 VIP 50ml + 212 VIP Men 50ml).

Check out the runner-ups’ photos in the gallery below. More info on 212 VIP fragrance at