Airbnb Introduces Two New Luxury Tiers That Promises Quality and Comfort

The Wall Street Journal predicts that by year 2025, millennials and Gen Z will make up 76 percent of key consumers. Already close to that prediction, businesses like Airbnb is making it even more possible for the younger generation to spend by democratising travel.

Now a multi-billion dollar company, Airbnb thrives on their young audiences who also happen to be the largest generation in history. To expand the needs of a growing demographic, Airbnb announced the launch of two new luxury tiers: Airbnb Plus and Beyond Airbnb.

According to the website, Airbnb Plus features a selection of homes verified for quality and comfort. It is where only the highest quality of homes fit the bill, filtered through a personal visit and 100+ point quality inspection to ensure comfort. Not just that, customers who book an Airbnb Plus home will also receive premium support when needed – an upgrade of the brand’s usual customer service. Expect well-equipped, well-maintained, and thoughtfully designed homes with this new luxury tier from a range of excellent hosts in 13 different cities.

“Airbnb Plus [properties] are all the comforts of home, plus more. These are beautiful homes, from exceptional hosts, and every single one of them are verified for quality,” said Brian Chesky.

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Next is Beyond Airbnb, a feature that provides “trips of a lifetime” through the acquisition of Luxury Retreats. Expect high-end homes that’ll make you feel like an instant celebrity thanks to these homes that are paired with custom-designed experiences. You might even feel like you’re not renting an Airbnb with this particular service, a luxury tier to attract high-end clientele on top of the existing loyal users.

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“It [Luxury Retreats] has two decades of history delivering incredible hospitality and they have some of the world’s nicest homes. We asked—what if we brought together high-end hospitality with one of the largest travel communities in the world? How could we deliver the trip of a lifetime? If we are going to deliver the trip of the lifetime it would start with some of the finest homes in the world. We have thousands of these homes,” Chesky added.

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The spending power of the millennials and Gen Z will grow exponentially as they age, hence the introduction of these brand new luxury tiers. With more discretionary income, Airbnb hopes to attract more users onto the platform and garner over 1 billion guests by 2028. Airbnb has also expanded their ‘Experiences’ section so users can explore their destinations through the eyes of the locals.

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