AirAsia Launches Malaysia’s First Face Recognition System for Self Check-In Services

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Just when we thought that online or mobile self check-in isn’t any more efficient than it already is, AirAsia decides to whip up some upgrade on their self check-in services by launching the new ‘Fast Airport Clearance Experience System’ aka FACES – a face recognition system to ease the process even more.

(source: WTN.Today)

This new fancy tech is currently available for AirAsia flights only at the Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru. To register your face that is for one-time only, head on over to their enrolment kiosk at the check-in kiosk centre and place your MyKad or chip-enabled passport on their document reader. Then, say cheese to the camera and BOOM, you’ve just created your biometric token!

Check out the infographic below for a rough guide on how to go about it:

(source: AirAsia)

Although the system is only available at the Senai International Airport, we’ll be seeing this new tech very soon around KLIA, KLIA2 and other airports near you. In addition, you must be 18 and above in order to qualify for FACES. Once you’ve registered, you may use AirAsia’s biometric gates for all flights with the condition that your identity document remains updated and valid.

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to try this bad boy out! Hopefully, our faces don’t age drastically for the machine to not recognise us later on in life.

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