300kg Tapir Rescued by Johor Wildlife & National Parks Department Now Safe At Endau-Rompin National Park

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Source: From Here To Nowhere/Malay Mail/Bernama

A 300kg female tapir that was caught in a trap set at Felda Tenggaroh 5 was rescued by The Johor Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) yesterday.

According to Malay Mail, director of The Johor Wildlife, Salman Saaban revealed that the tapir’s poor health condition and its tendency to roam around the area caused the trap to be set since February because of complaints from the public. He said,

“We received a complaint that the tapir entered the trap at about 8.30am and the rescue operation was carried out by a 12-member-team from the Mersing Perhilitan, Jemaluang Wildlife Conservation Centre and Johor Elephant Sanctuary.”

Source: Malay Mail/Bernama

In a statement, Salman said that the tapir was found healthy and only had minor injuries. He said, “An inspection found that the tapir was healthy, and only had scalp abrasions that were not serious and it (tapir) can be released into a new wild habitat.”

The process to remove the tapir from the trap only took 20 minutes which began at 9.30am yesterday. The tapir was removed from the trap and was put into a temporary transfer box in order to transport it to Mersing Perhilitan Office for further treatment.

The tapir was then transferred to the Endau-Rompin National Park according to Salman.

Source: From Here To Nowhere

The operation to transfer the tapir to the Endau-Rompin National Park was then carried out at 9pm yesterday, and ended by 4am today.

Speaking to Bernama, he also shared his concern on saving tapirs, “This effort is hoped to save the tapirs in the state. For the record, two tapirs were killed after being hit by vehicles, this year.”

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