After a Thousand Years of ‘F**king’, This Small Austrian Town Decided to Change Its Name

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source: Journeum

Around the world there are cities, towns and streets which unfortunately bear weird names when translated to English.

In this case, the small Austrian town of ‘Fucking’ has grown tired of the rapid decline of tourism and frequent thefts of the town’s sign, said the town’s council.

“No more,” Mayor Andrea Holzner told Austrian broadcaster Oe24. After 1,000 years of being the butt of jokes, the town finally caved in and is changing its name to ‘Fugging’ starting 1 January 2021.

source: Listal

The small community of 100 people in Upper Austria have been pushing for a name change for years. The name of the town, which lies north of Salzburg near the German border, has no meaning in German.

Back in 2019, local activists took the opportunity to use the town’s name for activism, scribbling words above and below the signage so that it would spell out messages like “Our climate is – Fucking – important!”

Apparently, ‘Fugging’ better reflects the pronunciation by the locals. This is great for the town’s locals, however, there’s no news whether the nearby settlements of Oberfucking and Unterfucking will also change their names.

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