Adidas & Tommy Cash Unveil Outlandish One-Meter Long Superstar Sneaker

(source: Twitter)

In what could be the most outlandish collaboration of all time, Adidas has joined forces with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash to create a meter-long Superstar sneaker.

According to NME, the post-Soviet rap sensation revealed the sneakers yesterday (2 March) through his Instagram page. The caption wrote, “When I said to adidas that I want to make the longest shoe in the world as our collab they were like ‘wtf Tommy’. But five months later here we are”.

This collaboration is for Adidas Originals’ Superstar campaign which sees the sportswear brand working with a number of different musicians. Take a closer look:

(source: Twitter)

True to Cash’s eccentric nature, the striking design consists of two extremely long sneakers, one of which is black and the other white. The heel features a laser engraving of Cash’s autograph, while the insole features a Yin-Yang design.

“Both the angel and the devil live in me at the same time – two opposites that are constantly fighting with each other. So why hide one side of your personality when they can perfectly coexist with each other. Shouldn’t be too good or too bad. Balance is needed,” Cash said of the design.

In case you didn’t know, Cash is no stranger to provocative and unusual creative decisions. Don’t take our word on it, just watch his [Trigger warning: Nudity, weirdness & dangerously catchy tunes] videos.

To get your hands on a pair, fans can enter a prize draw to win the right to purchase a pair of these strictly limited edition shoes. They can sign up via the Adidas app. Sales beginning today.