Adam Kasturi: Literary Beat Maker

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JUICE loves our outsider musicians, so if you haven’t heard of electronic artist Adam Kasturi, don’t blame yourself. You should, however, quickly remedy that.

While his music has an immediate musical taxonomy in the beat scene, Adam’s sonic genealogy is expansive. Having grown up on rap, trip hop, and r’n’b, he moved on to explore the bizarre in dada, fluxus, Andy Warhol’s factory works, dub and New York’s no wave.

This was when he first explored electronic music and started putting up tracks on Myspace. Eventually Adam was exposed to current genre compatriots such as Flying Lotus, Burial, the Soulquarian clique, and basically the whole who’s who of hip electronic acts.

He’s something a of a literary freak too, having read the likes of Antonin Artaud, Kurt Vonnegut, and Dostoyevski. But despite all this, he rarely goes to gigs, clubs, art events, or anywhere really – a true bedroom producer and outsider musician. Upcoming LP Jaguar is a collection of tracks produced from 2011 onwards and inspired rather quirkily by the novels The Face of Another and The Box Man by Kobo Abe.

Jaguar is set for a July release, but find most of the tracks at Find him on Facebook here.

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