A Terrible Christmas: The Gift Wrap Collection by Molamil

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Continuing our consistent postings on the anti-cheer of Christmas, what is Christmas without the inane task of gift wrapping? Molamil has taken the versatility of gift wrapping paper to illustrate the terrible times to be endured during the holiday. The company is directing their line of stationery to “holiday skeptics, provocateurs, passionate atheists, and anyone who just wants to inject a little bit of dark humour into their holidays.” There are six wrappers in total in the collection and each depicts one of the few tragedies and mishaps that are bound to occur, such as the Into Debt Gift Wrap, Food Waste Gift Wrap, Home Burglary Gift Wrap, and our favourite, Family Time Gift Wrap with the subsequent rhyme, “To kith & kin of none I hold dear, you wear me thin this time of year.”

Take a look at the collection:



… and more below:

Each gift wrap retails for £11.10 (approx. RM71.22) via Zazzle