A Tender Fist in France

Continuing the tradition of unsung independent heroes of the local music industry, the #1 purveyor of indie dance in Klang Valley, Tenderfist, has been invited to perform in Cannes for a MIDEM showcase — the world’s largest music conference — this 30 January!

Presented by Music Services Asia, they will be performing alongside 3 other acts from the South East Asia — White Shoes & The Couples Company (Indonesia), Charles J. Tan (Singapore), and The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore) — making them representatives of often time underrepresented artists, labels, and media from the Asia Pacific region. Their individual performances will then be evaluated and considered by the global industry elite . Not that they need anymore validation.

While details are sketchy at the moment, the show is promised to be up online for viewing after the event. We do know this though, the date and time are guaranteed to be Asia-friendly, so don’t worry about having to wake up at 4am just to watch a video stream.

More information on the event here. Get to know what MIDEM is all about here.