a Sound

Dear Juice readers, we have something really special for you. Presenting, a sound.

a sound’s objective“Support the Asia sound, make proud with this sound, create and declare this sound of statement to the World

Why does Seven Records Management actually have this brand? We asked ourselves how we could keep alive and spread the sound from Asia to the competitive electronic dance music world. The answer was easy. We would need a brand that belongs to Asia serves as a stage for our promising Asia DJs/Producers, and we are now founding “a sound“.

a sound” was started by creating its own blog/website – http://asiasound.sevenrecords.net, as we strongly belief that Internet will be the easiest and effective medium to promote and create awareness on the brand. Podcast session was created at the blog/website to share the sound from the Asia DJs/Producers from different nations in the region in weekly basis. It has been featured Asia DJs/Producers like Norman Chung (Singapore), Adrian Wee (Singapore), DJ Vertigo (Taiwan), Arjun (India), Ben Huang (China), Mickey Zhang (China), Dio (China), Dezz (Malaysia), Q’hey (Japan), Kazu Kimura (Japan) just to name a few for the past.

Exciting plans are now in the pipeline to organize a club night event series that carry the “a sound” brand, and also the “a sound” Asia tour right after we have the “a sound” compilation album released by end of the year or early next year. We can’t wait! What about you? Stay tuned for more details on the JUICE blog!