A Silent Disco at Good Vibes Festival

source: Silent Discotek

Like a lot of music festivals these days, it’s not all bands at Good Vibes. After roping in DJs the likes of Twilight Actiongirl, The Deer Society, Goldfish, Poptart [SG], and more, they’ve recently added Mile High Sounds’ Silent Discotek to their dance lineup. If you haven’t heard of it before, well the name itself should be pretty self-explanatory of its concept. Silent Discotek brings the clubbing experience with an obvious twist to it — you dance in silence, well at least to those who aren’t participating in it. To elucidate further, 2 DJs with different styles of music will play simultaneously to a crowd wearing Silent Discotek headsets, and these partygoers can choose which DJ’s playlist they want to tune in with the headsets.

While this is set to be Silent Discotek‘s festival debut, they’ve had a few nights around town before. The idea itself has had precedents all the way back to the late ’60s, and only gained prominence again after Glastonbury Festival set noise restrictions in 2005. It then swept across the European dance landscape to such an extent that it made it into the Oxford Dictionary.

Silent Discotek will have its own tent erected on festival grounds, the rotating lineup of DJs will play from 5pm to 10.30pm.

source: Good Vibes Festival

Blastique (breakbeats & funk)
Dean Richards (house & indie rock)
Lish (funky house)
A-marQ (electronica)
Dave T (hip hop & dubstep)
D.A (electronica & mashups)

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