A Sea of Asian Talents at Reeperbahn Festival

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For the first time ever, 3 talents from the South East Asia region will be representing our music scene at Reeperbahn Festival on Thursday 20 September. Brought to you by Music Service Asia, the first official Asian music directory, the festival will see SEA bands performing at their Call of the Tiger: A South-East Asian Indie Showcase. Music Service Asia’s favourite electronic pop outfit Tenderfist represents Malaysia alongside Indonesia’s The Trees & The Wild and Singapore’s MONSTER CAT.

Focusing on 3 components — music, arts, and campus, spread over 50 locations — Reeperbahn Festival takes place in Hamburg, Germany from 20 to 22 September. The fest promises attendants more than 200 acts from all over the globe, which include the likes of FUN., Temper Trap, Graham Coxon and more. That, plus the numerous talks, conferences and networking sessions make it ripe for potential opportunities for our Asian acts to connect with the international music industry. And we can’t pick a better choice for a Malaysian music ambassador than Tenderfist.

These talented lads will be needing help to fund their trip to Germany though (it doesn’t pay to be an indie act in Malaysia after all). Tenderfist is planning to extend their stay in Northern Europe for a tour, which will be documented by JUICE homies IkanPaos Kolektif. Help make this come true by pledging a donation through their crowdfunding campaign here.

Uninitiated to whom Tenderfist are? Here’s a nifty little video to go along with the campaign;

For more information on Reeperbahn Festival, click here. Get more on Asia’s music director at this link