A music fest that doesn’t require any expenses? Holy shitballs!

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We’re a little late on this but iTunes has been giving away the best free stuff you could get this July since the beginning of the month, iTunes Festival 2011 – a 31 day long music festival available for streaming live!

The fest celebrates the dopest of UK and international acts, this year features headliners Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Adele, Linkin Park, and Paul Simon among others. It’s hard to believe that they are not charging a dime for this.

Held at the Roundhouse in London, the event is completely free no matter which way you choose to watch it. Free tickets to the actual venue is possible through competition on the website, but who are we trying to kid here, all of us are gonna watch this at home. Simply go to their official website, click ‘Live’, and choose whichever viewing options you prefer; at home via your computer or TV, and on the go with your portable devices.

Attend the least pricey music festival at www.itunesfestival.com. For a list of equally exciting but not-so equally affordable festivals, check this out.

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