A Marvellous Vacation Awaits When You Visit Avengers Campus & Disney’s Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris

source: Disney/ Marvel

After Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney Studios Park, Marvel announced that Disneyland Paris will also be getting its own Avengers Campus that will allow visitors to experience a marvellous vacation.

While the Marvel-themed areas are inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’re actually in the “Marvel Theme Park Universe”, a parallel universe that exists within the Marvel multiverse where “the blip” from Avengers: Infinity War didn’t happen.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Avengers Campus is still being constructed and will open at a later date, but Marvel has released a photo of the progress and concept art that visualise the campus once it’s built.

source: Marvel

Similar to Disneyland Resort, the new Avengers Campus will feature key addresses starting with the Worldwide Engineering Brigade a.k.a. WEB, the home of the new Spider-Man experience, and the first Disney ride-through attraction featuring the web-slinger.

Besides Spider-Man, you can expect to find other superheroes across the Marvel lands and looking at Avengers Campus in California, Iron Man, Hank Pym, Dr Strange and the Guardians should also have their own attractions.

source: Marvel

Also coming soon to Disneyland Paris is Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. The newly redesigned contemporary styled hotel that Marvel says is “unlike anything ever built before”, will house more than 300 different Marvel artworks created by more than 110 artists around the world.

source: Marvel

If you think being surrounded by cool art isn’t cool enough, visitors can open hotel doors using the Disneyland Paris App and book “epic moments” with a superhero at the Super Hero Station. And before you get your hopes up – no, it won’t actually be Chris Evans.

Maybe once this pandemic is over, we can fly over to Paris and have our own Marvel experience. If we can manage to fork up a few thousand ringgit that is…