A LURKING DARKNESS: Kara Inez Exorcises Her Demons Via Art


Studying in Parsons Paris was more of a time when Kara learnt to open her mind and think outside the box rather than developing her techniques, which was actually something she did independently. One could say it was more theory than practical. “It taught me how to translate my thoughts into an art piece; it changed the way I saw colours, the way I painted, the way I thought, and changed the way I saw art,” she elaborated. After looking through paintings and illustrations online, she came to form her techniques and style through experimentations and adopting methods she liked, and removing those that she didn’t agree with.

She has always had a fondness for the creepy and strange as she loved the way it made her feel, always putting her on the edge of her seat. But the eeriness in her work can be traced back to her exorcising her fear and paranoia; when she paints in that headspace, it is both therapy and a reflection of her mental struggles. In addition to her murky paintings, it’s clear to note that Kara is fascinated with the female body after having drawn innumerable sketches of nude women where she soon found beauty in the feminine shape after paying attention to it for hours. In a series of sketches in honour of the three important men in her life, she employed female bodies to represent their concealed sensitivity, along with animal heads denoting their characters and personalities.