“A Happy Occasion”: Lung Cancer Patient Gives Out Lottery Tickets & Gummy Sweets During Her Funeral

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Source: Singapore Uncensored

How many of us already have our funerals planned out? Well, no matter what it is, I bet you can’t top this morbid, yet heartwarming event.

A Singaporean woman gave out lottery tickets to those who attended her funeral to pay their last respects to her. Yeah, imagine winning the lottery at someone’s funeral…

Evelyn Hoi, who worked as a PR manager at a bank, reportedly died of lung cancer after battling the disease for some four months.

The deceased, who wished for everyone who knew her to have a chance to win the lottery, reportedly arranged for free lotto tickets to be given out to guests at her funeral.

Source: Malay Mail

Evelyn was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer after she experienced chest pains in June earlier this year.

About one month before she was diagnosed with cancer, she developed a slight cough, however, she brushed it off as a minor ailment.

Her husband Royston Lim, 41, said that his wife did not smoke or drink and led a “regular life”.

Despite her terminal diagnosis, Evelyn remained optimistic and started planning out her own funeral about ten days before her death.

“We went with her plan, showing her sketches of the decorations, including the colours that she wanted,” Royston said.

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Evelyn’s sister also added that she was always a helpful person with a heart for others. She said that Evelyn didn’t wish for others to be upset and hence wanted her funeral to be a “happy” occasion.

“She hoped to complete the final journey of her life surrounded by joy and positivity. We tried our best to fulfil her requests, including giving out gummy sweets to mourners instead of the traditional hard candy.”

The 38-year-old specifically wished for everyone who knew her to stand a chance in winning the lottery.

“She hoped to bring them good luck, so we bought 200 tickets,” said her sister.

The wake was decorated with balloons, including large rainbow-shaped ones at each side of the altar. Even in her colour portrait, Evelyn was pictured wearing a crown-like party hat.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

Her generosity to others extended to her personal belongings as well.

Royston said his wife had many branded bags and jewellery. Before her death, she arranged for the items to be distributed to friends and family as keepsakes.

Six hours before her death, Evelyn composed farewell letters to Royston, her parents, and sister, although she was in severe discomfort.

“She also requested that we read it only after she had passed,” said Royston.

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He shared that even the medical staff who looked after her were impressed with her positive spirit and added that his wife was someone who was always considerate of others and seldom complained even if she was unhappy.

Her only regret was not being able to travel due to the pandemic.

“Marrying her is the luckiest thing that’s happened to me,” said Royston.

Whether or not you deem this to be an unorthodox way of kicking the bucket, you have to admit it’s creative.

JUICE sends the family our heartfelt condolences, along with thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace, Evelyn.