A Dip Inside Illustrator Barbarian’s Fantastical World

“I believe artists only feel their life is valued when they create artwork,” states the artist who goes under the moniker Barbarian. She goes on to suggest that artists would feel validation of their efforts when people appreciate their work.

The graphic designer is currently based in Singapore. She pays attention to artworks that she fancies and owes practice to as a way to develop her skills. Barbarian also has a fondness for Japanese colour style, which is bright, vivid, and clear — further naming Hong Kong’s comic artist Little Thunder and Taiwan’s visual artist James Jean as points of inspiration.

The children who are prevalent in her artwork are a reflection of her personality. They are barbarians – and she declares what it means to be one, almost like a manifesto: “Barbarians do whatever they think is right and make it valued without much consideration – act brave and accomplish what artists do.”

Check out her work below:

ways of being_03_01

Fragile_friendship copy