8,600 German Citizens Jabbed With Saline Instead Of Vaccine By Anti-Vax Nurse

(image: Cunny SPH and Quora)

It’s crazy how some people in the healthcare industry still do not believe in the effects of the vaccine and will even go to great lengths to stop people from getting vaccinated too.

Recently, a Red Cross nurse in Germany has been called under investigation for allegedly injecting a saline solution to thousands of people instead of the coronavirus vaccine.

(image: BBC and Lyreco)

The incident occurred vaccination centre in Friesland – a rural district near the North Sea coast of Germany. According to the police investigator, Peter Beer in The New York Post, there is reasonable suspicion that the nurse had already administered 8,600 people with the solution.

Although saline solution might be harmless when injected, many people are still at risk of contracting the virus especially the elderly.

(image: NY Times)

Police investigators also found that the unnamed nurse also had aired sceptical opinions about the vaccine in several social media posts too.

As of now, authorities in Nothern Germany are urging the thousands of people in Friesland to get another shot of the Covid-19 vaccine, just to be on the safe side.