8-Year-Old Boy Sells His Pokémon Card Collection To Pay For His Sick Dog’s Vet Bills

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: War Gamer/ Pinterest

He’s been passionately collecting Pokémon cards since he was half his age, but 8-year-old Bryson Kliemann would let it all go to save his puppy, Bruce.

As he sets up a stand on his front lawn at his house in Lebanon, Virginia on May 4, he poses with a sign that reads “Pokemon 4 Sale” in an effort to raise money for Bruce’s vet bills.

Bruce is a 4-year-old Labrador-mix with parvo, a contagious disease that can be deadly if it goes untreated.

Bryson’s mother, Kimberly Woodruff told The Washington Post that she took Bruce to a vet because he wasn’t eating or coming out of his crate, and learned that the bill would cost at least USD655, which is more than the family can afford.

“He is our family’s first dog,” Woodruff told the news outlet. “I really didn’t realise how expensive it could be until this happened.”

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: The Guardian

When Bryson overheard his parents chatting about the bills, he came up with the idea himself to sell off his Pokémon cards to help pay. In just two days, he made USD400 in addition to donations from neighbours.

His neighbours also brought their own card collections to help him replace the ones he had sold. It is reported that a Pokémon employee who saw the news sent Bryson a set of rare Pokémon cards.

Woodruff said once she saw her son setting up his stand, she made a GoFundMe page for Bruce’s treatment, which has since raised more than USD15,000. So far, she said it has been used to help three other local families with their veterinary bills.

As for Bruce, he is healthy at home all thanks to Bryson’s Pokémon sacrifice. #friendsforever