11y/o Thai Girl Plays Keyboard For Animals in Zoo To Overcome Her Stage Fright & Keep Them Company

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Source: Reuters

While we’re used to virtual concerts as we’ve been watching them on YouTube for over a year now, 11-year-old Seenlada Supat gets to perform weekly in front of a special audience at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in south-east of Bangkok.

Amid the pandemic, Seenlada performs weekly at the zoo for the animals to keep them company.

“I’m playing music to soothe the animals to help them feel relaxed and give them company so they are not too lonely,” she told Reuters.

Source: Reuters & Malay Mail

Dressed in a bright eye-catching alligator onesie to suit her performing environment, Seenlada said that her voluntary performances for the animals gives her the opportunity to help overcome stage fright and brush her showmanship skills in front of an ‘audience’.

While she performs, the animals would respond to the music, slowly approaching her like the lemurs that jump and hang around her keyboard as seen in the photos that have gone viral on Thai social media.

“I don’t mind, it’s as if they’re playing music with me too.”

Her rare audience includes meerkats, hippos and zebras among others.

Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

Zoo director Tawin Rattanawongsawat added that Seenlada’s recitals were very well received by the animals based on their reactions towards the music.

“They became curious while others appeared to be enjoying the music.”

Watch a video by SCMP on Seenlada and her furry friends here: