From The Anti-Tragus to Floating Belly: Here Are 8 Uncommon Piercings You’ve Probably Never Seen

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Do you ever get tired of seeing the same, conventional body mods on every other person when you’re gallivanting around town?

Perhaps you scroll through TikTok and catch a glimpse of the alt community with their funky piercing combos, wishing you had some ideas of your own?

Or maybe you got turned down by your favourite piercer because you didn’t have the “right anatomy” for the one piercing you wanted so badly?

Scroll down. We got you.

Here’s a list of super chic, super rare forms of fancy impalement to amp up your look.

And before you ask- yes, there are all safe, when performed by professionals!

1. Anti-tragus

source: Pinterest

The anti-tragus is a cartilage piercing which goes through the arch-shaped cartilage structure located opposite and behind the tragus (that’s the fleshy bump right above your earlobe).

Some choose to avoid traditional tragus piercings as they may get in the way of ear pieces like airpods or headphones and therefore opt for this trendy piece instead.

While pain and healing times are subjective, the anti-tragus is comparable to any other cartilage piercing in both aspects- however, you can expect to hear a soft crunch as the needle penetrates your skin, as it’s located pretty close to the ear canal.

2. Transverse lobe

source: Pinterest

The transverse lobe is essentially just a horizontal lobe piercing, and probably one of the most low-maintenance, easy ways to get a unique look with minimal discomfort.

This one goes in and out of the flesh, making zero contact with cartilage and thus heal just as quickly as standard lobes do.

You can also style healed transverse lobes depending on your chosen lengths- from curved barbells (pictured) to clicker rings.

Clicker rings. source: Pinterest

3. Floating navel

source: Dan Chan

It’s common knowledge that the popular belly piercing trend has resurfaced.

However, belly button piercings are extremely anatomy-dependent and getting it done with an unsuitably-shaped navel can lead to health risks and lots of pain.

Generally, one must possess a slight ‘lip’ or ‘hood’ above the navel. Piercers also like to ensure that the lower belly does not come in contact with the jewellery when the person is seated, as this may cause the piercing to migrate or become irritated.

An option for these individuals, or just those who are looking for a unique twist to adorn their bellies with, can go for the anti-belly piercing, which utilises curved jewellery with flat bottoms that give off the illusion of a ‘floating’ gem placed above the navel.

4. Surface tragus

source: Pinterest

The surface tragus sits above the jaw, adjacent to the actual ear tragus.

This piercing is noticeable without being too loud, and does not penetrate too deeply into the skin.

While jewellery options are limited for this one, you’ll definitely get the crowd talking and oozing with envy when they notice the subtle hint of glimmer polishing your side profile!

5. Orbital ear

source: Vaughn Body Arts

Admittedly, the orbital ear piercing tends to be more painful, and tedious to heal as it goes through two slabs of cartilage.

But what price can you place on style?

Once healed, the plain clicker can be switched to rings, curved barbells and even those cute clickers with dangly bits hanging from them.

All you’ll have to do is push your hair behind your ear and you’ll earn a few telltale gasps.

6. Anti-eyebrow

source: Pinterest

Are standard eyebrow piercings too conventional for you?

Well, let me introduce you to the anti-brow piercing, which sits at a slanted angle below your eye, mimicking a dermal piercing.

These are easy to heal, as they sit along the surface of the skin.

Needless to say, they’re also among one of the most rare and aesthetically-pleasing facial piercings. Be careful with the placement of these though, as they’re likely to reject if done wrongly.

6. Custom industrial

source: Pinterest

The standard industrial ear piercing is another one that is heavily dependent on one’s anatomy, so it’s a shame how many people have had to pass on it just because their ears could not accommodate the lengthy barbell.

Fortunately, thanks to the growing popularity of the piercing, some innovative piercers have come up with a way to bend the rules and create custom industrials that look similar to traditional ones, but are curated specifically to match one’s natural ear shape!

8. Jestrum

source: Pinterest

The jestrum piercing goes entirely through the top lip, from the middle of it to the top of the center groove above your cupid’s bow.

Generally, piercing enthusiasts are fond of this one as it makes the top lip appear plumper, and some even describe it as a sexy and sensual addition to a sexy and sensual part of the face.

Quick reminder to always pick professional, safe and sterile environments when you get a piercing- conventional or not!

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