Employee Who Used Floor Mop To Clean Microwave At 7-Eleven Store In KL Faces Suspension

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source: Twitter

Even if you’ve never cleaned a microwave in your life, you probably know that using a mop isn’t the best idea.

Besides the fact that mops are generally designed to clean flat, larger surfaces like floors, there’s also the obvious question of hygiene – so picture the public outcry when a viral tweet depicted a 7-Eleven staff member using the same mop to clean the store’s floor and microwave oven.

The photos were uploaded to Twitter on January 22, and have since garnered over 2 million views.

Hello @7elevenmalaysia, please brief your staff on how to clean (the store) the right way. The mop used for the floor is reused for the microwave. That’s disgusting,” wrote the Twitter user.

According to NST, the instance occurred at an outlet in Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur, where the staff was employed. A rigorous cleaning and sanitisation process was conducted for the store.

In its most recent statement regarding the event, 7-Eleven stated through Twitter that the man has subsequently been suspended, and the microwave replaced.

Additionally, 7-Eleven Malaysia gave the public the assurance that tougher procedures would be put in place, and they would make sure that all of their staff adhered to sanitary standards – but this did not necessarily put netizens at ease.

To make matters worse, another viral tweet came from a user who claimed to have witnessed local train station employees portraying the same habit, namely mopping the floor and using the same mop to clean the seats.

MRT Corp was quick to apologise and promised to probe the matter. At the time of writing, there has been no follow-up tweet from the profile.