6 Modern Florists in Malaysia Where You Can Get Fresh Blooms

Flowers are beautiful, but they are also lifesavers. Forgot your anniversary? Broke up with your girlfriend? Visiting the in-laws? Buy a bouquet of flower and chances are you’ve just successfully dodged a bullet. Sure, they don’t last, but honestly, who doesn’t like flowers?

Here’s a list of florists you can find easily in Malaysia:

1. 50 Gram

50 Gram claims themselves to be the “Fastest Growing Online Florist,” and we wholeheartedly agree. 50 Gram is online-based, though pickup is available too. The flowers come together with a video, retrievable by scanning the QR code generated by 50 Gram. Just provide them with pictures and your message, and they’ll have a short video done for you in a jiffy! 50 Gram provides delivery in Klang Valley and Penang. Purchase your blooms on their website here.

2. Mekar.my

Gorgeous aren’t they? Mekar.my (their website is still under construction though) is one of Malaysia’s most famous florists. With a total of 50k followers on Instagram, you know it’s a people’s favourite. The florist caters to people within KL, Selangor, and Penang. Tell them what you want, and they’ll whip up the perfect bouquet of flowers for you. Expect modern, rustic blooms from the florist that will turn any man or woman into goo. For more enquiries contact 013 533 5547 (KL/Selangor) or 019 365 5547 (Penang).

3. BloomThis

BloomThis provides free delivery to the doorstep of your loved ones. You can make one-off deliveries or subscribe regular deliveries weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. What makes BloomThis unique are the flower boxes designed to carry the flowers, like a box full of happiness! BloomThis regularly sends you (or the lucky person you’re sending to) beautiful flowers fresh from the farm. Purchase your bouquet here.

4. A&E

The bigger, the better right? Well, A&E makes it bigger than any other florists out there. They claim themselves to be a “lo-fi floral studio and multidisciplinary creative studio,” and hold floral workshops for time to time for those interested. A&E is online-based, so just drop them a email or leave a message on their website to customise your flower arrangement!

Over the weekend. #AEKLWORKSHOP

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For more information, visit their website or email them at [email protected].

5. Happy Bunch

True to their name, Happy Bunch brings happiness to those who receive their flower bunches. But what makes Happy Bunch special, is that they arrange a new bouquet everyday, but only from Monday to Friday. They sell a different bouquet each day, so you never know what’s coming next! They won’t tell you what the bouquet of the day is, as it depends on the season and sometimes, their mood! But we promise you, each bouquet is beautiful and special in its own way. Purchase your bouquet from Happy Bunch here.

6. Warm Wishes Florist

Warm Wishes Florist has a bit of everything for everybody. Bridal bouquets, bloom boxes, huge bouquets, flower gift boxes, they have it all. Warm Wishes Florist also sells jelly cats to go along with your bouquet! The jelly cats include bunnies, unicorns, and even hippos! Go on to their website and make your selection of flowers and if you want, throw in a jelly cat for your loved ones, they’re super cute!

Christmas is coming, which means the christmas bouquets are rolling in real soon! For the lazy bugs out there, order a bouquet and get the gift shopping done with! Check out the florists and start ordering online in advance now!