20 Unconventional Christmas Trees You and Your Family Should Try Out This Christmas

Aye, we know it’s a little early to be talking about Christmas but hey, is there really such a thing as TOO early for Christmas? Heck, the JUICE team are all hyped up and ready for the Christmas lights, Santa outfits, and jolly Christmas songs that are already blasting through the speakers.

But ’tis also the season to try something different, and put together the best Christmas tree on the block that will put all others to shame. Why go for the same old boring ornaments and blinking coloured lights when you can try these unconventional Christmas trees instead?

1. Cardboard Christmas Trees

2. Ribbon Christmas Tree

3. Present-Stacked Christmas Tree

4. Balloon Christmas Tree

5. Wooden-Frame Christmas Tree

6. Ladder Christmas Tree

7. Mirror Reflection Christmas Tree

8. Christmas Tree for Book Lovers

9. Chalkboard Christmas Tree

10. Picture-frame Christmas Tree

11. Hanging Mobile Christmas Tree

12. Christmas Lights Tree

13. No-tree-Christmas Tree

14. DIY Pom-Pom Tree

15. White Tulle Christmas Tree

16. Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

17. Mannequin Christmas Tree

18. Organised Shelf Christmas Tree

19. Photo Montage Christmas Tree

20. Medical Gloves Christmas Tree

What do you think about these unconventional Christmas trees? Try one of them out this Christmas!  Let your creativity run wild, and at the same time, blow away the minds of your visiting neighbours, friends, and family on 25 December.