5 Wholesome And Healthy Foods You Can Make With The Panasonic Big Cubie Oven

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source: Panasonic

Anyone who has a busy life can relate to the grueling task of preparing a meal for the whole family. You’re tired from work, you might still have some work to finish at home and your stomach is growling. Sure, you can whip up an instant meal from a packet, but why eat that when you can make a healthy and wholesome meal for the whole family?

The new Panasonic Big Cubie Oven is exactly the thing you need at home. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated to operate and the best thing about the oven is the various dishes and style of cooking you can make with it and it’s super safe too!

source: Panasonic

The new double boiler system allows the oven to create “Superheated Steam” which cuts out excess oil and salt but fret not, it’s not gonna ruin the flavours of your cooking. It’s really up to you, the chef, the busy mom to cook a dish of your liking.

Panasonic Big Cubie Oven has a big cooking volume (30L). You can steam, healthy fry, grill or bake and even stew up to 3 hours. You can choose different steam settings depending on what dish you cook, from low-temp, med-temp and slow-temp steam – the food is going to taste great.

We feel it’s best to represent the oven’s all-around features with some visual aids. Here are 5 things you can make with the Panasonic Big Cubie Oven.

source: Deskgram

1. Sesame crusted salmon

Photo used for illustration purposes only. (source: Panasonic)

Looking to make a simple meal? Try the healthy and delicious sesame crusted salmon.

2. Grilled fish tacos

Photo used for illustration purposes only. (source: Panasonic)

Fish tacos are a classic, simple and tasty meal that everyone can enjoy. You can explore different ingredients for it, like using keli fillet! (catfish)

3. Sotong limau pedas

Photo used for illustration purposes only. (source: Panasonic)

Sweet, sour and spicy – the sotong limau pedas packs a flavourful punch for Malaysians who love the heat! Try it out for lunch or dinner and see the smile on your family’s faces.

4. Matcha Swiss Roll

Photo used for illustration purposes only. (source: Purple Bowl Blogspot)

Dessert time is all the time. The Matcha Swiss Roll is the perfect company for tea time or anytime for that matter.

5. Steamed Lotus Rice with Garlic Prawns

Photo used for illustration purposes only. (source: Panasonic)

Have a family gathering? Make Steamed Lotus with Garlic Prawns that are absolutely mouth watering.

The Panasonic Big Cubie Oven is versatile, and comes with a sleek, modern-retro look

(source: Panasonic/ YouTube)

The oven fits nicely in a kitchen home, or even a cafe. It’s equipped with an electrostatic touch panel control that looks modern and sophisticated. Priced at RM2,799, the Panasonic Big Cubie Oven makes cooking simple, fun and healthy for the whole family.

Each purchase of the Panasonic Big Cubie Oven comes with a complimentary Thermocafe 2-Tier Lunch Box and a limited edition Panasonic Big Cubie Oven Cookbook.* Now you can put your cooking skills to the test!

*While stocks lasts.

For more information on the Panasonic Big Cubie Oven, head to panasonic.com.