5 Reasons Why Malaysian Students Choose to Spend Winter in the UK

UK has always been one of the top destinations for people who love travelling (there’s always that one auntie you know who goes to London at least twice a year). There are a lot of reasons why people choose to go the UK and although the weather isn’t the friendliest for tropical people like us, it attracts many Malaysian students even during the cold winter months.

Whether it’s the refreshing change of scenery from everything being green during summer, then changing to auburn during autumn, and then white for winter, or saving on the flight ticket back home for students already studying there, one thing’s for sure–no one ever regrets spending winter in the UK (just look at their IG feeds and you’ll know why).

With new experiences and memories that’ll last a life time, here are 5 reasons why Malaysian students choose to spend winter in the UK.

1. It’s gonna be a cold, cold month!

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There’s something really refreshing and cool about winter season. It’s always sunny in Malaysia, so spending a semester in the UK is a chance to experience life much differently than we’re used to. The snow-covered British landscape is absolutely breathtaking and there’s plenty to do.

It’s the time to put your jackets to good use–getting into snowball fights, sledging, and capturing some frosty winter scenes for the ‘gram. The cold and frosty mornings are best for long-walks with your buddies and even the strong winds are to be embraced (we recommend extra layers for that though).

2. Winter traditions are coming…

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Winter time in the UK is full of wonderful customs and traditions that have evolved over thousands of years and the only way to experience them is to be there! One of the country’s favourites is Guy Fawkes Night, you know, like the movie with Hugo Weaving and bald Natalie Portman. Many families and friends gather for huge bonfires and to set off fireworks to celebrate the foiling of Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up the King and the Houses of Parliament back in 1605.

Like the Americans, the Brits also love Halloween. Unlike in Malaysia where Halloween is mainly relegated to a few pubs and clubs, there’s no better way to experience the fun other than in a country that actually goes full on for it. Almost everyone will be in costume and you can even spot jack-o’-lanterns outside some homes.

Druids Celebrate The Winter Solstice At Stonehenge (source: time.com)

There’s also New Year celebrations, Burns Night (a celebration of the life and poetry of Scottish author Robert Burns), Winter Solstice at Stonehenge… the list of UK winter festivities goes on!


3. Get cosy in the evening

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Unlike our evenings back home which leave most of us stuck in traffic jams, there’s something different about relaxing next to an open fire in the winter. When it’s cold and wet outside, sitting next to a roaring fire to some is the definition of the perfect winter evening.

The combination of the warmth and light from a bonfire creates a cosy atmosphere like nothing else and it’s even better when there’s a nice homely stew or a cup of hot chocolate. It might sound simple, but it’s the ideal way to spend an evening after a long day out in the cold or studying.

4. A Christmas like no other

It’s UK’s biggest and the most fun celebration of the year, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the infectious festive spirit will win you over. Every town and city will be decorated with Christmas lights and huge Christmas trees in the most extravagant way. 

There are all sorts of events going on for people to soak up the atmosphere and not to be forgotten are the Christmas markets, where the streets are aligned with wooden stalls that sells all sorts of traditional and unique gifts. Christmas back in Malaysia is fun, but here, it’s like the movies.

5. The time to put your winter fashion to work

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It’s sweater weather, so time to get out your favourite hoody and rock it. Cold temperatures call for a different kind of wardrobe and as we’ve said before, this is the time to really rock some extra layers. We have summer fashion all year long but winter in the UK means you get to experiment with your wardrobe and get stylish with your layers. The options are endless!

Many universities in Malaysia provide options for students to go abroad, making it hard to choose the right one for yourself. 

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Their Dual Award programmes grant you the opportunity to spend a semester in their parent university in the UK, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), without additional fees from UWTSD, and allows you to receive your degrees from both IUMW and UWTSD! This means you get the best learning experience in Malaysia and the UK without the financial strain of an overseas education.

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