5 ‘Kawaii’ Reasons to Check Out ‘Our Sanrio Times’ Exhibition in KL

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So you love going to shopping malls? Then you’re going to love Quill City Mall KL, especially at this time of the year. If you’re a big Hello Kitty fan, or if your lifelong dream is to work for Sanrio–the company that invented the famous Japanese cat amongst other kawaii characters–this year’s Christmas just got a whole lot better because Ms. Kitty is coming to town with her friends for the biggest exhibition in South East Asia.

Our Sanrio Times is the largest Sanrio event up to date, bringing together 100 beloved classic characters and over 300 vintage items since 1960 with the cutest #OOTD spots ever!

We checked it out, and we’ve made a list of 5 cool things that you should totally check out at the exhibition.

1. The Sanrio Time Tunnel

Other than being instaworthy, the tunnel features the history of Sanrio from 1960 until today.

You’ll be welcomed by 100 colourful and funky characters from the Sanrio family as well as cool products that has been released over the years. Be sure to take as many photos so that you won’t have to take the long walk again from the start just to capture something you missed… or you could just take the whole history-walk again if you’re a big fan or just plain love walking.

2. The biggest Hello Kitty plushy ever!

As you make your way through the exhibition, you’ll come across the largest and cutest Hello Kitty plushy in the world! It’s one of those rare times when confronted with a giant cat where you actually go awww instead of aaaah!

3. Sanrio Plush Tunnel

Behind the massive kitty, is the Sanrio plush tunnel – decorated with over 2,000 Sanrio plushies. It’s hard to not stop and look at these adorable characters. The plush tunnel, like every other part of the exhibition is going to look awesome on your Instagram feed.

4. Meet characters at Sanrio Village

This might be the coolest section of the exhibition. It’s a full scale Sanrio Village with characters all over it! You can meet the Strawberry King chilling in his room, or take a photo next to My Melody!

5. Sanrio snacks and merch

Last but not least – snacks! You can’t walk around the place without having a snack. The last section of the exhibition is where you can lay your eyes on possibly the cutest snacks ever and feast on a Gudetama cupcake or a Hello Kitty cookie. There’s only one problem though, they’re too cute to eat!

You can also get cool Sanrio merch there, which would make the perfect holiday gift for your little siblings or cousins, or kawaii-loving gf/bf.

Head to Quill City Mall KL and catch Our Sanrio Times exhibition that’s happening from now until 6 January 2019.

Tickets are at RM33 for Malaysian residents, RM20 for OKU and senior citizens, and RM60 for non-Malaysians. You can get them here.

For more information on the event and meet-and-greet sessions, follow their Facebook page.


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