+2dB: Dance Hath No Fury Like Two Women Scorned

You know them as djeannielee+mfrl thanks to H3’s remix of the emotional breakdown call of their debut track ‘Syren’, but these two best friends really go by the name +2dB. As a music duo, their sound is a blend of every electronic genre they’ve ever come to contact with, from ambient, chillwave, witch house to even hip hop (we couldn’t tell by listening to it but ‘Syren’ was Kid Cudi-inspired apparently).

Tempus (Alternative Version) by djeannielee+mfrl

Their newly released track ‘Tempus’, while just as moody in execution, is a more upbeat counterpart to ‘Syren’. Still exuding the nocturnal vibe of the latter, ‘Tempus’ is more we-own-the-night than vice versa. Djeannielee, the music to mfrl’s words and vocals, provides a synthy trip hop beat to the otherworldly singing.

Find more of 2dB+ at soundcloud.com/djeannieleemfrl.