Residents & Feeders Demand Justice For 20+ Dogs Killed In Cruel, Deliberate Poisonings In Penang

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A horrific tragedy has been playing out in Penang’s Lorong Delima neighbourhood for weeks. It is believed that to date, 28 dogs have perished from poisoning which began on March 5th, devastating and breaking the hearts of their loving carers.

By visiting the local animal shelter, which is now almost deserted because of the passing of so many cherished animals, one may witness the repercussions of this tragedy. Residents state that the poisoned dogs are sometimes discovered in drains, anxiously searching for water to “comfort themselves before succumbing to the poison.”

Being that these poor animals seem to have been killed on purpose, the issue is rendered all the more tragic. Notwithstanding community efforts to bring up the matter with law enforcement, neither patrols nor action has been taken to avert the continuous fatalities.

It is an absolute travesty and a clear call to action that these innocent lives continue to be sacrificed. Another resident also took to Facebook to depict the seriousness of the situation, attaching photos of the canine victims, noting that the fate of street animals is often dismal.

The following images may be disturbing to certain audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

He said that while some are fortunate enough to be adopted by caring rescuers or animal shelters, the majority are abandoned on the streets and must constantly live in fear. Animals who reside on the streets frequently endure brutal and inhumane treatment by those who see them as a threat to the public’s health and safety.

“Regrettably, both rural and urban regions experience this cruelty to stray animals on a regular basis. The awful news that over 20 dogs had been poisoned and killed in the past two weeks at Lorong Delima 16, Lorong Delima 18, and Changkat Delima 1 Island Glades was recently revealed to me by a feeder in Penang. These canines were community dogs that had undergone spaying or neutering and contributed significantly to the society.

The absence of humanity, decency, and compassion in our culture today is depressing. Why someone would engage in such heinous deeds and cause injury to defenceless street dogs is the most alarming question. Care for stray animals only requires a simple deed of generosity, but some people prefer to cause harm,” he wrote.

Below is the summary of dogs that died within the area on the following dates:

5th March – 4 dogs
9th March – 4 dogs
10th March – 1 dog
11th March – 1 dog
12th March – 1 dog
13th March – 1 dog
14th March – 1 dog
15th March – 1 dog
17th March – 1 dog
22nd March – 3 dogs
24th March – 1 dog
31st March – 1 dog
2nd April – 3 dogs
At the moment, 5 other dogs are currently missing.
The case has been brought up with:
Island Glades DAP : YB Syerleena Rashid
MBPP: Ms Connie Tan
City Councilor: Mr Quah
NGO: IAPWA: Ms Choong
NGO SAMA (Spay Adopt Manage Assist) : Ms Sarah.

Two police reports were made in Jelutong, Penang – on 9th March and 11th March. In early March, authorities stated that seeing as no evidence has been recorded, nothing can be done unless the culprit(s) are caught red-handed. Meanwhile, police told residents that investigations will be conducted on crime scene, rather than on the actual dogs.

Also noteworthy are two separate incidents of animal abuse that have taken place over the last month. On March 30, a viral video shared by a Facebook user showcased a vile act of animal cruelty that has sparked outrage on social media.

The CCTV recording shows a man brutally attacking a dog with a stick, leaving the poor animal writhing in pain, before setting the stray on fire.

Before that, JUICE published a similar incident in which a 41-year-old truck driver, Mohd Zainal Mat Daham, entered a not-guilty plea in front of the Sessions Court to a charge of animal cruelty.

He was accused of brutally beating a puppy, fracturing the bones in its right front and back legs, with a wooden stick. A statement claims that people on the street attempted to rescue the dog but were violently threatened by the man if they did so. Cera was reportedly bleeding from its ears, eyes, and nose after being struck more than ten times.

Many have questioned the sudden uptick in these vile cases, asserting that it seemed to be establishing some sort of “trend” in harming animals, particularly dogs. All in all, these cases definitely call for stricter protection calls and we hope the authorities will address these concerns as soon as possible.

source: The Conversation

It is crucial to speak out against any form of animal abuse and to advocate for stronger laws and penalties for those who engage in such heinous acts. If you witness animal abuse or cruelty in Malaysia, there are several organisations you can contact to report the incident:

Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia: You can report animal abuse to the department via their hotline at 03-8870 2000

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA): SPCA operates in different regions in Malaysia and provides services such as rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals. You can contact them via their hotline at  03-4256 5312 or visit their website for more information.

Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM): You can also report animal abuse to the police by visiting your nearest police station or by calling their emergency hotline at 999.

Timely intervention can save lives. Let us all do our part in putting an end to this cruelty.

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