15 Y/O Malaysian Boy Climbs & Reaches The Peak Of Mount Kilimanjaro, Possibly Setting A New Record

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source: FMT

Mount Kilimanjaro is a stunning peak, towering at 5,895 metres, and is the highest point in Africa. It’s also one of the Seven Summits, which are the highest peaks on each of the seven continents.

With that in mind, you’d need a ton of strength and determination to conquer it. Guess what? A Malaysian family did just that! And they might’ve even set a record while they were at it.

source: FMT

Yashodev Yash Ganasan is only 15 years old, but he might just be the youngest Malaysian to ever climb Mount Kilimanjaro. In January of this year, Yashodev’s family including his mom, dad, and uncle started their ascent up the mountain.

After eight grueling days of hiking, they finally made it to the top.

That’s quite an achievement, especially for someone as young as Yashodev. According to FMT, Yashodev’s mom said that their family loves to stay active.

source: FMT

From kayaking to caving and even joining the Spartan Race together, it’s no surprise that hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro would be on their bucket list.

That being said, climbing one of the world’s tallest mountains was something totally new for Yashodev and his dad. On the other hand, Yashodev’s mom and her siblings have actually climbed Mount Everest before.

So, why did they decide to climb Kilimanjaro? Well, while they were on a safari trip nearby, their guides told them all about the mountain and the people who’ve conquered it.

source: FMT

Yashodev’s parents asked if he wanted to give it a shot, and he jumped at the chance. “It was my own decision,” he said. The family chose the Lemosho Route to climb the mountain, which is one of six routes available.

It gives climbers two days to get used to the altitude, which is a good thing because the climate can change drastically depending on where you are on the mountain. Sometimes it’s hot and dry, other times it’s icy cold.

Camping on the mountainside was no picnic for the family as they had to share a tiny tent with no showers or fancy bathrooms in sight… just use your imagination to figure out how they handled that (or don’t).

Perhaps the worst part of their expedition was the final push to the summit. The family started hiking at midnight to catch the sunrise at dawn. It was -28°C outside, and they had to hike for eight hours straight.

Thankfully, they made it! Yashodev, his mom, and uncle reached the summit, while his dad and aunt made it to Stella Point (one of three official summit points on Mount Kilimanjaro at an altitude of 5,756 metres (18,885 feet).

When they finally got to the top, Yashodev’s mom, Logeswari, burst into tears of joy. “We couldn’t believe it. We were up in the clouds.” she said.

source: FMT

That was just the trip up. Coming back down was just as tough, but they made it back in one piece. Yashodev’s mom says it wasn’t just physical fitness that kept them going but also mental strength to push through to the end.

Following this inspiring feat, Yashodev’s dad is hoping that the Malaysian government will acknowledge his son’s achievement to inspire more young people to go out and do great things.

So, what do you think? Would you ever try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? It sounds pretty tough to me, but if a 15-year-old can do it, maybe we can too!

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