15-Year Old Horror Genre Fan Kills 6-Year Old Boy for Fun

source: Sin Chew

A girl in Indonesia turned her darkest fantasies into reality by killing a 6-year old boy in cold blood. The 15-year old, who’s a big fan of horror movies, said she wanted to imitate what she saw in a movie.

She turned herself over to the Jakarta Central Police after the incident and revealed she had “no regrets” and was very “satisfied” with her actions.

The suspect was playing at the victim’s house when the incident occurred. She had apparently told him to enter the bathroom, where she then took the opportunity to kill him.

According to Sin Chew, the girl had reportedly been abusing small animals, from dropping a cat from a high-rise building, to using forks to stab frogs, and other heinous acts.

source: Sin Chew

The police have found disturbing drawings and diaries at the suspect’s home, including sketches of the horror character Slenderman, and multiple Grammy-winning artiste Billie Eilish. She wrote messages in her journals, like “I’m the teen that couldn’t control her emotions” and “I’ll learn to change my life but I need more time”.

Together with her artwork and diaries, the suspect has been sent to undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine whether she suffers from mental illness.

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