Delivery Boy Wins The Hearts of M’sians After He Delivers Food To A Family Free of Charge

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Source: Vijaya Kasinathan

This week, Malaysians were touched by a heartwarming story told by Vijaya Kasinathan on her LinkedIn about her GrabFood rider.

Earlier this month, Vijaya accidentally placed her GrabFood order addressed to her office at Menara PGRM in Cheras instead of her home as she was exiting the office (a common mistake Grab users encounter as we sometimes overlook the address).

Speaking to FMT, Vijaya said that after arriving home in Bandar Kinrara, she realised her mistake and asked the assigned delivery boy to keep the food instead.

“When I realised what I’d done, I told the delivery boy not to worry and just keep the food.”

However, Vijaya was taken aback by the delivery boy, Muhammad Azrul’s kindness as he insisted to send it to Vijaya’s house even though it was way off his radar as he was worried that she will have nothing to eat.

“I told him that if he was still willing to come, to take care of his other orders first and only come when it was convenient.”

Inspiring GrabFood Rider Travels From Cheras To Puchong To Deliver For Free After Location Blunder - KL Foodie
source: KL Foodie

About 30 minutes later, Vijaya heard a knock on the door and sure enough it was him with her meal from Madam Kwan’s.

Touched by his effort and generosity, Vijaya handed him an envelope with a tip inside which he was hesitant to accept at first and it was only when he stopped to fill up his fuel tank that he realised she had given him a RM100 tip.

The story did not end there because Azrul went back to her house to return the money as he thought it was a little too much.

“The boy actually came back and tried to return the money. He said the RM100 I had given was too much. But I insisted. I told him that nobody could put a price on how he had helped us.”

Azrul with Vijaya’s mother. Source: Vijaya Kasinathan

The 25-year-old Grab rider said he wasn’t expecting to get anything in return as he genuinely wanted to help Vijaya since we’re all facing hardships during MCO.

“I didn’t help Ms Vijaya because I wanted a reward,” he added. “I just wanted to help her, especially since we are in the middle of the movement control order.”

He also revealed that because of his kindness, Grab awarded him a RM100 voucher after Vijaya informed them of her encounter with Azrul.

In her post, Vijaya also praised his character and that it was rare to see such honesty.

“He’s clearly very well-raised. You can tell the kind of upbringing he must have had. For him to have tried to return the money… I mean who does that?”

Azrul’s thoughtfulness has inspired Malaysians to continue to help one another during these difficult times.

It’s true what they say: A little kindness goes a long way.