11 YO Girl From Kajang Beaten To Death By Abusive Stepfather

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For illustrative purposes only. | source: The News Minute

There is nothing purer and more precious in the world than a child. By right, parents bear the duty to care for, educate and love their children unconditionally.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case in reality.

An 11-year-old from Kajang learned that harsh fact by paying with her life after being beaten to death by her stepfather earlier this Monday (21 Nov).

source: BERNAMA

Kajang police chief, ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan (pictured above), said authorities were made aware of the incident after a medical officer from Serdang Hospital reported of a badly wounded young girl being brought into the hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Department

ACP Mohd Zaid also mentioned that the girl was already in an unconscious state upon arrival and was carried from her home in an ambulance to the Red Zone of the Emergency and Trauma Department around 11:33pm.

An autopsy determined her caused of death to be from a ruptured intestine caused by wounds on her head and abdomen believed to be the “impact of a blunt object” according to ACP Mohd Zaid.

“There were also scars and bruises on the victim’s bottom, chest and arm,” he continued.

source: Astro Awani

The alleged suspect of the crime is the girl’s 53-year-old stepfather who was brought into custody around 2:25pm at the hospital yesterday (23 Nov).

Mohd Zaid later revealed that the suspect admitted he had abused the girl by beating her with his hands, feet and even a bucket found in their home’s toilet.

BERNAMA reports that the suspect claimed to have done the vile act as the 11-year-old girl “often caused problems at home while her mother was away.”

source: YouTube

ACP Mohd Zaid stated that the case will be investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder while the remand application will be made today (Nov 24).

“We urge the public or any individual who has information about this incident to come forward by contacting the nearby police station or the investigating officer Ray Erindra Raj at 019-6616640,” said Mohd Zaid in closing.