11 Outrageously Designed Costumes from Miss Universe 2017

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You’d think that Miss Universe beauties are all prim and proper, well, think again.

These outrageously designed Miss Universe costumes are mind-boggling and completely out of this world, proving the pageant to be the one that brings all others to kneel. Victoria can keep her secrets because these costumes speaks volumes.

1. Miss Malaysia: Weight of the people on her shoulders… literally.

2. Miss Sweden: Miss… We’d like to ask you to gently put that horse down.

3. Miss Indonesia: Girl, you can fly into my DM’s any day. 

4. Miss Germany: And she lived happily ever after in a beautiful castle…for real. 

5. Miss Canada: Someone’s very excited for Christmas. 

6. Miss Myanmar: Where do I get the tickets for this puppet show?

7. Miss Venezuela: It’s a miracle she can walk! 

8. Miss Aruba: She’s glided her way into our hearts.

9. Miss Guyana: SHE DID THAT

10. Miss Israel: The snake got Adam.

11. Miss Nicaragua: Just WOW.

These beauties blew the crowd away with their creative and quirky costumes during the 2017 Miss Universe pageant. Well done ladies and props to the costume designers! Guess the pageant needs to maximise its madness and go “big league” now that, former co-owner, Donald Trump is President.