Feel the Nasi Lemak, Be the Nasi Lemak

2017 has truly been the year of Nasi Lemak – from Nasi Lemak-inspired burgersviral, exorbitantly priced Nasi Lemak dishes, to Nasi Lemak Ice Cream. This, however, might be the nadir of our bastardisation of the national dish.

Our very own Miss Malaysia Universe wore this eye-catching gown for this year’s national costume segment of the pageant show

Designed by Malaysian designer Brian Khoo, this outfit took up an entire month to perfect it.

With a split top of white and red to represent the sambal and rice, as well as the sides of egg, cucumber, peanuts, and ikan bilis, this flow-y number really captures the essence of Malaysia’s favourite breakfast dish. The costume is topped off with a cape-like decoration behind her, reminiscent of those fragrant banana leaves.

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