10 Reasons to Celebrate with Twilight Actiongirl Tonight!

source: Twilight Actiongirl

The TAG Took My Baby Away (10 Tahun: Rakan Joget Anda)
Date Friday 29 November ‘13
Time 10pm – 4am
Venue Main Room, Zouk Club KL

1. Catch up with old friends you shared long island teas with since the Loft days. Find out whether they are washed out or play an important role in the media industry – then choose the appropriate emotional reaction; schadenfreude, sympathy, envy or admiration.

2. Catch up with old friends you partied with since Bar Amber, Desa Sri Hartamas. Find out whether they are still alive or that you aged better than them.

3. In case you haven’t been to a Twilight Actiongirl night for the past 2 years, its crowd has changed considerably. Here’s an opportunity for all bitter, decrepit scenesters to make snide remarks about ‘hipsters’ – even if they look like regular party-goers.

4. Bunga will spam you if you say no.

5. Babies were made due to TAG. Show them some love for making your love happened.

6. XU, Chaseylain, Ribut, and Bunga can still pull off the best alternative night in KL even 10 years after their inception – but only if enough TAGgers are present!

7. Seriously, Bunga will spam you if you don’t support their anniversary. Just say yes already.

8. It’s going to be a drunken revelry at a club that might, or will even, involve crowd surfing, moshing, and skanking – and skanks for good measure.

9. You can help close the generation gap. TAG is still one of the few nights where the up and coming youngins and aging has-beens can mingle (and hopefully won’t procreate).

10. In their own nigh indecipherable words, here’s why: “What is this drama?” you ask. It’s Twilight Actiongirl hitting the big SEPULUH. Another party is on the way – this time the huru-hara will be spilling over into the Zouk KL main room. Yes, bigger space, crazier thrills. Ape will rock with ape. It’s a one-night only pesta in our own kampung for all the indie types that did the sexy gorilla with us in the last decade. Let us King your Kong!

Twilight Actiongirl’s 10th anniversary is happening tonight at Zouk Club KL.