10 Hilarious Photos to Prove Why You Shouldn’t Shop Online


We all know the wonders of shopping on the Internet. You get to save time, pay less, have tonnes of options and there is a whole world of exciting new retailers to try. The only con is, you’ll never know what you get until the postman finally arrives at your doorstep. If you’re lucky, you’ll get exactly what you ordered. On the downside, expectations don’t quite meet reality. For instance, that RM700 shoes you bought will probably show up in kids size, and it turns out you’ve been scammed.

(source: Giphy)

Now, let’s laugh at 10 unfortunate people who definitely regretted buying things online. Scroll down and see the hilarious fails!

1. It was only for 10 dollars; be suspicious kids.

2. Is this a face mask for cats or?

3. “I knew I was taking a gamble ordering from Wish but still, I couldn’t stop laughing when my blanket finally arrived!”

4. “It does make my ass look great.”

5. Welp, that is a surprise.

6. Any bunnies out there getting married? We got some nice rings for you.

7. Ok hold up, this is just LAZY.

7. Ew! This is what happens when you order a 20$ punching bag from China.

8. “You want a custom image? I gotchu.”

9. Thanks for the book?

10. Buying shoes online will ALWAYS be a risk.

Hopefully y’all will remember these photos whenever you do decide to do some online shopping. Remember to make sure it’s a legit site and CHECK THE DESCRIPTION before you click ‘purchase’.

We’re not actually stopping you from buying things online, but just be extra careful peeps.