1 World Music Festival: Welp, A Reason to Cross the Causeway!

Text John Doe

Southeast Asian music fans have been envious of the likes of Glastonbury, Pitchfork, Burning Man, and Tomorrowland for a long time now. The most talented musicians of the day break out onto the international scene on those stages. The crowds are massive and everywhere suffuses open grins of warm camaraderie. We can’t help but wish we had them right around this region!

So, naturally, when we got wind of the 1 World Music Festival happening this September, we had to get excited. Just the Phase 1 lineup announcement alone will have you drooling: Tinie Tempah, Iggy Azalea, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, Cobra Starship, KIMKAT, Far East Movement, Infected Mushroom, Amadeus, Miguel Migs, Randy Seidman, Sub Focus + ID, Pendulum (DJ set) + Verse, DJ Scotto, Orbital, Cosmic Gate, The Cataracs, and the soul-stirring Yuna.

Aside from getting blinded by the brilliance of these stars, this looks to be a veritable smorgasbord of the most eargasmic sounds on the planet. Electronica, rap, hip hop, pop, psy trance, house, indie flavours and all manner of welcomed earworms. We approve.

The festival includes local and regional acts too: Aldrin, Nicole Chen, Kevin Lester, Akshai Sarin, Roxy June, Bangkok Invaders, Mera Jin, Amy Van De Beuken, Andrew T. (AOS), DJ Benz, Jon White, TommyNori, Stereo Vixens, Tenashar, Dodgy Yamamoto, among others. It reads like a list of the most talented musicians from across the globe. They’re ready to rouse the crowd with time-tested favourites as well as exciting new tracks and mixes.

source: 1WMF

The event will be held in Singapore’s Marina Barrage, which means you’ll have a grand view of the Singapore Skyline while shaking to the intense and evocative music. A lovely touch, too, for it to be held on 20 and 21 September 2013, over the Grand Prix Season Singapore. It adds to the grandeur of a perfect weekend.

The 1 World Music Festival also intends to use the best in entertainment technology to thrill its audience. The most advanced visual and projection systems; along with world-class choreographed performances means the artistes will have the professional backup they deserve.

The Festival’s tagline is “Turn Me On”, and it looks like the tantalisingly painful slow-burning foreplay from here till September could only end in a irrevocable climax. We’ll be there for it.

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