Meet Theodora: The Local Dark Artist Who Brings Her Craft From The Shadows To Your Skin

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At just 23 years old, Theodora has already etched an indelible mark on the tattoo world with her compelling dark art style.

JUICE had the pleasure of interviewing her for a first-hand account of her journey from childhood doodles to the intricate tattoos she creates today, and her story is just as fascinating as her artwork…

Listen While You Read: For the full experience, dive into Theodora’s world with ‘Riphyon’ by Mephorash, a track that perfectly complements her dark, mystical vibe!

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A Journey Into Darkness

You’re probably wondering how long it must’ve taken for Theodora to discover her passion and master this level of artistic skill, and you’d be right to assume that her love affair with art began early.

“I’ve always been drawing ever since I was a little kid,” she reminisces.

But it was at 13 that her casual doodling transformed into a serious pursuit, and by the time she was 16, she dipped her toes into the waters of a tattooing career – thanks to friends who admired her sketches and saw their potential on skin.

“I started doing more research into tattooing and fell in love with the idea. I always wanted to pursue a career revolving around art… But I wasn’t interested in the usual ‘traditional’ art careers,” she says.

Her affinity for the macabre turned out to be far beyond a mere phase. Experimenting with different styles as a teenager, she found her true calling in dark art. This now defines her distinctive aesthetic and represents what we believe to be the natural evolution of her artistic voice.

Artistic Style And Inspo

Delving deeper into Theodora’s mind, she affirmed that her tattoos are the product of a masterful blend between gothic elegance and dark fantasy.

Image provided to JUICE

We handpicked this stunning piece featured here – a portrait of a bat-faced woman surrounded by intricate line work – as a testament to Theodora’s ability to create art that is both haunting and beautiful.

“I’ve always loved art that tends to lean towards the darker side,” she explains.

Her inspirations are as eclectic as she is, drawing from renaissance painters and modern artists on Instagram, with her work often featuring eerie yet enchanting elements like monsters, insects, bats, and mystical ladies – she can draw and tattoo those any days.


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Oh, and regarding the masterpiece that is her own appearance, she says, “I don’t like to label myself or fit into a specific category.

“My style is just me dressing how I feel. I draw inspiration from friends, people online, goth and metal music, and the tattooed icons I saw in magazines as a kid. Then, I add my own spin to it!”

Life In The Studio


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A day in Theodora’s life as a dark artist at Reggae Ink is a harmonious blend of creativity and camaraderie. Preferring to prep her designs at home, she heads to the studio for her appointments, or to sporadically work on existing or new designs.

I tattoo throughout the whole afternoon until evening most of the time. Once my client leaves, I usually just hangout in the studio with the other artists there till it’s time to go home.”

Of course, we needed the tea on her creative process – which we find both meticulous and intuitive.

“For flashes, I start sketching out ideas when inspiration strikes, using Pinterest for images that feed my creativity,” she shares.

“Finding reference images takes the longest, as I usually have an idea but need images for inspiration. Once I have those, the drawing process is pretty straightforward.”

(Note: “straightforward” for Theodora probably involves a lot more intricacies than the average person might imagine, but yeah, we’re just quoting her here.)

Images provided to JUICE

Custom tattoos, on the other hand, are a more collaborative effort, where she expects and appreciates a degree of artistic freedom to create something truly unique.

“For custom tattoos, the client usually comes to me with a general idea of what they want. I’ll ask them to describe or show me some references, and then I’ll sketch out a design based on that.”

Overall, Theodora describes her studio environment as relaxed yet inspiring, thanks to her supportive mentor who allows her the flexibility she needs.

She believes this balance has enabled her to thrive both as an artist and as an individual… And I’ve been trying to convince my boss to share the sentiment.

We also inquired about what her room looks like (not in a creepy way, we were just curious, okay?), and she responded with a laugh, “It’s a mess! An organised mess. I have some bits and bobs that reflect my work and style, but the rest of my room is just all over the place, filled with drawing easels and a lot of papers and pens!”

She also loves pink and is obsessed with Sanrio or anything cute, so we think you can probably expect to spot a plushie or two in the mix.

source: Instagram/ @tatt00edslut

Defying Expectations

As we celebrate Theodora’s success, we acknowledge that path to her current success wasn’t always smooth. Her parents initially resisted her unconventional career choice, urging her to follow a traditional art path.

“I did what I wanted, to make myself happy. Nowadays, they’re quite supportive, even if they don’t fully understand (my choices) at times.” she asserts.

Her friends, on the other hand, have always been her biggest cheerleaders, and her parents eventually came around as well.

She’s since managed to convince her mother to proudly display a few pieces of Theodora’s artwork on her skin!

“Maybe next time I’ll tattoo my dad,” she says cheekily.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Theodora usually skips eating before her client arrives. She sips on a drink but tattoos on an empty stomach to avoid any concerns about her breath. (Let’s just say she’s committed to keeping things fresh in the studio!)

The Philosophy Of Dark Art


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For Theodora, dark art is not just a style, but a profound form of self-expression and identity exploration.

“It feels natural to me. I don’t have to force anything out.

“There’s a certain beauty to it – freedom in creating art that sometimes not most people understand or agree with. I’m the type of person who’s drawn to the unconventional. It’s mysterious, sparking a curiosity to discover what lies beneath the surface,” she reflects.

Her tattoos evoke strong reactions, both positive and negative, but she embraces this duality as part of the art’s power.

She says, “Most people are generally very supportive and admire my work and style. I do get the occasional comment like ‘why can’t you draw pieces that are less dark?’ or ‘why don’t you add colour to your pieces?’

“My usual response is, ‘well, why don’t you draw them then?'”

(Two words: Girl. Boss.)


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She addresses misconceptions about dark art with the same humour and clarity (her two lesser-known skills):

“I get potential clients who tell me they’re afraid of ‘bad luck’ or that my work is ‘evil’. It’s art! I say don’t let superstition deter you from getting something you love. Personally, I enjoy the aesthetic on skin and see it as a unique form of self-expression, akin to decorating oneself like a canvas.

“Nowadays, I just brush off negativity about my art. I’m always proud of my creations, whether tattoos or other pieces, and I don’t let others’ opinions bother me. In the past, negative feedback affected me mentally and made me insecure, but I’ve grown.

“Even when faced with criticism about my appearance, I stay open-minded but don’t take it to heart. I know what makes me happy and stick to it,” she explains.

Looking Forward

source: Instagram/ @tatt00edslut

Theodora’s ultimate goal is simple yet profound: to continue her artistic journey for as long as she lives, to consistently learn and grow, and to leave a lasting legacy.

Even if it’s just a small impact, it’s still an impact. I want people to see and appreciate what I do,” she says earnestly.

Despite the niche market for her style in Malaysia, she remains dedicated and optimistic. Her advice to aspiring tattoo artists is grounded in the same passion and balance.

Go for it if this is something you’re really passionate about and will make you happy. I’m not in it for the money, especially since this type of art is not too popular in Malaysia.

“Stay dedicated to the craft, be patient, but don’t overwork yourself. You’ll burn out and possibly hate creating. It’s all about balance.”

This is Theodora’s fourth year professionally tattooing in the industry.

When asked her what she’d be doing right now if she hadn’t taken this path, she said, “I’ve always been fascinated in art conservation. I’ll probably work really hard trying to get into that. And sell my art I draw on the side.”


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You may not be able to step into her conservatory at the moment, but the good news is she does occasionally sell her original art pieces on her Instagram! She also accepts art commissions when the client’s vision aligns with hers and, sometimes sells prints as well.

As for future plans, Theodora dreams of guest spots around the world, spreading her unique art far and wide. But for now, she’s focused on making her mark locally, one dark masterpiece at a time.

Final Thoughts


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Theodora’s blend of dark aesthetics and profound creativity makes her a standout in the tattoo world. Her wit and humour are plus points, but note that she can be pretty quiet and reserved at times!

At this point, we’re completely infatuated by her concept of finding beauty in the unconventional, inspiring those who dare to follow their own path – no matter how shadowy it may seem.

Her advice for first-time dark art tattoo clients: “Have fun with it! Don’t think too hard down to the details on what you want to get; let the artist have some freedom in creating a special piece just for you!

“That applies to any style of tattoo. Not all tattoos need to have some sort of meaning; sometimes you just like something, and that’s completely fine.”

So, if you’re ever in Malaysia and in the mood for some stunning dark art, you heard it here first – Theodora is the artist to watch.

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