ZZT: The Worm

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Your first listen to ‘The Worm’ is like entering the Matrix – you jack into Duracell bunnies and Pac Man and nerdy white boys doing the robot amidst blinding laser lighting as Micheal Jackson looks on lecherously. At least that’s what happened to us. Not to be confused with the heavily bearded Texas rock trio ZZ Top, ZZT are Munich-based producer Florian Senfter and DJ Tiga Sontag, and together they have programmed a track that has atari techo noises re-rooted through progressive beats and cowbells – it even comes in an Erol Alkan Edit. In fact we dig it so much when the track ends abruptly it leaves us a little empty inside. And that’s when we take the blue pill….

Be part of the mind experiment at www.myspace.com/zztzzt and boot up the madness of ‘The Worm’.