Zouk’s Fashion Fantasy

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If last weekend was a rush of live events, this week it’s all hands on decks. In addition to Saturday’s Heineken Green Room gig with VHS Or Beta, the other big draw looks to be the Zouk 5th Anniversary party this Thursday. The invites have gone out and it looks like the superclub has pulled out all the stops. Among the highlights this year, it looks like Zouk is celebrating the clubbers and party monsters that make nights there unforgettable. 18 clubbers will be styled by celebrity stylist Cris Yong and it promises to be loud, colourful, nu-ravey but most of all OTT.

Drawn from a predominantly fashion and style related background, among those you’re gonna see with their style maximised by Cris are fashion-forward folks like Fei of hair salon Shawn Cutler and Freddie B from Mico Salon. Then there are the usual suspects like Ethan, stylist and owner of Showpink and Vice Modern Disco promoter, Jiman Casablancas, Roxy of Seven Days, makeup artist Amber, Muff Stit muse Aaron, Ming of Bombshell…. The full line-up appears here in this image shot by upstart fashion photographer Vincent Paul Yong.

It makes a departure from the usual droll model-fashion show combo. Due to hit the club at 9pm and stay til late, Cris Yong has promised us they are gonna be rockin’ some seriously wild style befitting the night’s Fantasia theme.

The move is part of Zouk’s recognition of the clubbers’ contribution to the scene, and a sure sign that they’ve got their doors open to hipsters, fashionistas and true originators. There will be a Best Dressed prize for someone out there, and it might not be these 18 if you put your head into it and go crazy. The dress code is “dazzle and bedazzled.”

Get creative and grab your tix. It all goes down Thursday 26 March all over Zouk with invitations only before 11pm and RM28 for ladies and RM38 for men after, with covers including 1 drink. More at www.zoukclub.com.my.

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