LISTEN: Zhu’s Clubby And Robotic ‘Intoxicate’ Makes You Work the Dance Floor

Image Ojas Devanathan

Following up to the bass-heavy, falsetto-filled track ‘Faded’, Zhu returns with ‘Intoxicate’ – a single that swings more to electronic dance than house, and surprisingly, a little bit of techno between Zhu’s androgynous vocals. Chants of “Intoxicate, exhilarate, stimulate” permeates the song, and we’re once again sucked into the dark sounds of Zhu, a figure of mystery in the music industry who is actually a Grammy Award music producer, currently known as “the next Daft Punk.” Full name Steven Zhu, the Chinese-American producer’s choice to stay anonymous behind banging numbers is a reminiscent of The Weeknd’s Trilogy days, before breaking out into commercial success. Despite the low-key approach, Zhu’s a fresh name in the scene, and his introduction of ‘Intoxicate’ this May bears a similar clubby vibe to songs from The Nightday EP – with the addition of guitar riffs at the end to complement the distortion and beat drop. Look forward to hearing it live, because Zhu will be part of this year’s Good Vibes Festival on 12 and 13 August at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands.

Stream it below:

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