Zero7: Yeah Ghost (Atlantic)

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Zero7 have evolved from album to album, their beginnings with Simple Things and When It Falls sounds like one’s teen angst ridden years- dark and moody yet sexy. If The Garden could be considered equivalent to the time you were learning to be sure of yourself, Yeah Ghost is all grown up, confident, sophisticated and ready for a night out. Zero7 may not be Zero7 without Sia so listening to Yeah Ghost may take some getting used to. Eska Mtungwazi who sounds like Shingai Shoniwa lite, does a pretty good job especially on ‘Mr McGee’. English folksinger Martha Thiston also lends her beautiful vocals to ‘Pop Art Blue’ and ‘The Road’, which sounds uncannily like ‘Amazing Grace’. Liten to Yeah Ghost without expectation and judgement and you may just like what you hear.

Listen to: ‘Ghost Symbol’
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Rating: 3.5
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