Zeen Chin Looks at Characters as Design

source: Zeen Chin

Text The New Forward

Illustrator Zeen Chin is a figure artist with amazing attention to detail. Conceptualising characters, as he believes, is not about creating the perfect body, but about creating a figure that best represents the actual character being designed and the story it tells.

Largely influenced by comics like Dragon Ball, and concept artists like Ashley Wood, much of Zeen’s illustrations have a fantastical flair. The kind that pays homage to the science fiction he loves, and the imaginative conceptualisations he conjures up as a result of that love.

A former 2D animator, Zeen made the switch to being a full-time illustrator back in 2012. Zeen Chin currently makes up one third of Puchong-based Pirate Ship Studio who specialises in comics, concept art, illustrations and pre-production services.

source: Zeen Chin


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