Zee Avi: Ghostbird

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Zee Avi, Malaysia’s answer to a Mandy Mapes and Norah Jones amalgam is back. After her tour of doing Malaysia proud and putting us (finally) on the international radar, she tiptoes cautiously to the expansion of her sound. On Ghostbird, she tries to reach precariously out of her comfort zone and experiment a little.

This sophomore effort involves some, but too few songs, dabbling into subtle electronic sounds which provide a needed break from her otherwise album of monochrome acoustic guitar and vocals.

However, fans of Zee will still be serenaded by her melancholic and crystal clear songs, with the guitar strumming evoking the feel of a reflective train ride on a rainy day. A highlight in the otherwise steady stream of bongo beats and dulcet tones is her acapella layers on ‘Concrete Walls’.

LISTEN TO: ‘Concrete Walls’, ‘Siboh Kitak Nangis’
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