LISTEN: Not Sure if Trolling, But Ze Rebelle is Very ‘Slumber Tetek’

One-time JUICE cover girl, Ze! (more commonly known as Ze Rebelle now), has been based in Kuala Lumpur again for some time now, frequently making her rounds at social events and more importantly, uploading joke-y localised covers of known songs and even redos of her own originals on YouTube. Her latest, the titillating ‘Slumber Tetek’, is the most recent example of the latter – a Bahasa version of ‘$ BROKE $ (feat. Ego Boycott)’ off of her 2016 Univerze album that is seemingly designed to incur the wrath of the #meleis side of the internet.

Satire or just trolling? Watch it for yourself below:

Some choice online reaction below:

After the outrage, stream Univerze below:

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