ZE!: I Am Glam (Catapult Creative)

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Saer Ze is now Ze!. And like a sluggish caterpillar morphing into a raunchy butterfly, Malaysia now has its 1st risqué pop singer. Don’t be fooled by the Madonna-Gaga-ish image, this girl can rock up some smart, naughty lyrics like on ‘Candy’ (“He likes to mess my hair/Make it look like he’s been there”) and deliver them with kicks intact courtesy of Belgian producer Ruben Debusschere.

The spoken intro ‘Blast Off’ is a bit lame, but by the time you get to the doo-wop electro pop of ‘Haircut’, you won’t care how silly everything sounds. And that’s the beauty of Ze!; she really doesn’t care. It can be dangerous at times when she borders on cheese (‘Boys’), but it pays off well when she spanks out spontaneity like on weird-hop ‘Revenge Of The Dolls’, funky house ‘Hello Disco’ and cool trance-reflective ‘Give It To My Body (Everybody)’.

Most important to note, it’s easy to hide behind decks and laptops rearranging hits of others, but not so to write your own stuff. And by that, Ze! probably has more balls than LapSap, TAG and all electro DJ newcomers combined.

LISTEN TO: ‘Haircut’

Get close to Ze!; she won’t bite unless you poke ze.com.my.

Here’s Ze! telling peeps what she’s made of in official video for ‘I Am Glam’:


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